segunda-feira, 16 de junho de 2008


These is some nice shots from Giorra!
Register all the cool memories... pwa girls DVD

X-Terra Interview ... myself- Juju Farias, Maggie Roca and Junko Nagoshi at National SPORTS TV about action sports on MAui:

Super talent!!!... I loved this photo with my sadow at FWDloop.... He is not just a photografer, he is an artist who can register the magic moments!

So cool to have as wel the funny memories with that CRAZY dog...hehehe....didn't let me alone!

Whoever is here on Maui and would like to register action photos from land and water, I highly recommend to be in touch with him at (808)2501981

segunda-feira, 9 de junho de 2008

MAUI RACE 2008... 1o. competition... good training!!!

It was good to see the support from Kanahakai and Hot Sails group. Juan at begining who helps to rig at best way as well when I saw Ray and Sierra who came to what the contests from Hot Sails. At middle of the women races, Laura came to see I and Andrew.

During the meeting was cool to see the excitment of the "rental men"... so concentrated and enjoy to be part of it.

During the races my water pack from DAKINE was great sucess as well the 5.5 from Hot Sails. How you can handle it!

Morning Group: I compete at wave division. Eyal was always the first...
the men didn't give us any chance. I finish 6 place... next time I will try to rig a 4.8 diva, bigger sail I was way under power with the Smack 4.5

Afternoon Group: I compete at Women/women Jr. ops!...
First race, I did very good after KArla Aguera
; second I run at women Jr. Get confuse...I saw girls... and I was sure that was my division and the other were confuse. This fact disturb me in general...but at end I finish with 3rd. place at WOmen Open and 2nd. place at womens Jr.

This day of competition show me to be more focus, to write the numbers of my races bigger, try to control beter my feeling about my own mistakes and traing more better jibes. It was a good practice for me...I know I can do better and I will do my best to improve more and more!

At end we had some food...
"hamburgers"...Tatiana so hungry after all day competing, sufering as vegetarian decide to eat meat....and I and Baxter didn't beleive that she will start with HAMBURGERS....hehehe

BRA 124

terça-feira, 3 de junho de 2008

Camping Haleakala- Full Moon...lua cheia linda!!! ceu estrelado...

Foi um experiencia incrivel!!!
Idea veio espontaneamente de Amir, depois do velejo de Hookipa e movidos pela aventura do hiking de noite saímos eu, Eyal , Matan e Amir.
Conseguimos chegar no topo do Haleakala as 10:30 da noite e seguimos a caminha descendo a cratera até as 2:30 da madrugada....devidos a várias paradas estratégicas tipo:
- Descansar das mochila, Juliana;
- Tomar cházinho do Amyr;
- História de direcoes das constelaçoes NORTE (agalá) e SUL (gimel), Matan;
- Fotos divertidas, Eyal...
Capotei de cansada assim que chegamos.
Eyal e os meninos ainda foram comer o famoso "miojo...macarrão".
Acordei de manhã maravilhada com a natureza, ar rarefeito...clima agradável.
Rolaram conversas filosóficas sobrepor exemplo: por quê vemos o céu azul e etc.

Seguimos a aventura pela cratera seguindo o caminho da lava pelo chão com lanternas
tentando descobrir o fim...confesso que teve uma hora que tive um medinho...heheheh...Eyal ainda se escondeu e me deu um susto pra "ajudar"!...heheheh

Galera vale a pena, sair do comodismo, da rotina e seguir numa aventura pela natureza....é muito energizante!