sábado, 27 de junho de 2009

Shahar Zubari- ISR 11- 1srt RSX Europeanchampionship

Congratulations Shahar!

Foto Itamar Grinberg

I and Eyal Shelef had an opportunity to see all the emotion
from the last day of the Open Tel aviv International championship RSX from the water with our SUPs.

All the beach and the water crown was with SHARA ZUBARI... cool to see it!

Just was a bit dangerous to fall....a lot Gelly-fish...ops!!!

Best regards,
Juliana and Eyal Shelef


Hi water girls, sponsor and all that supporting this event!

The entry form of the Butterfly Effect Germany is available on-line. wowowo....
here you go: ENTRY FORM ON_LINE... At the colest website in GERMANY!!!!! Mahalo nui loa NICOLAS!

german: http://www.kurskiel.de/Veranstaltungen/Veranstaltungen/VeranstaltungenundEvents/ButterflyEffect_1205.html

english: http://www.kurskiel.de/Events/index_1214.html

For Details, Contact:

Name: Juliana Shelef and Tatiana Howard

Direct Phone: (972) 50-5867752

The Butterfly Effect Germany celebrates the first ever water women downwinder

The Butterfly Effect aims to capture great moments and to share and inspire women to go for their dreams and live a life that gives back to communities and make the world better one smile at a time. Lastly, we hope to instill self confidence, support, and encouragement to all women associated with this event.

Germany, July 4th, 2009

The Butterfly Effect announces its first ever all women, water sport event non-competitive in Germany this July. It will be a one-day downwinder of windsurf, kite, SUP, surf, and water sport clinics at Kiel, North Germany. A downwinder means to set out in a distance from one location down the coast to another location. Usually, it is a short mission that is challenging but safe to push the level of women in water sports. All women are welcome from any skill level. It is for free! We are encouraging women to pre- sign up at surf shops in Kiel, Lübeck, Hamburg, Münster. This event is uniquely designed to promote women in water sports.

Downwinder Details

The downwinder begins from Heidkate and continues to Brasilien_ (west wind), with a break at Kalifornien. Heidtake is one of the hot spots of Kiel. Wide sandy beach, big space, beautiful atmosphere. The distance of the downwind is around 2,5 km from Heidtake to Kalifornien and 2km Brasilien. The wind usually blows from west direction and it is suggested to bring a sail around 5.0m or kite size around 7m to 9m. For stand-up paddling any size is fine. It is possible to join the group from Heidtake, Kalifornien or even being part on the clinic at Heidkate.

About The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect began in Hawaii in 2007. Since then it has flown to Brazil, New Zealand, Australia, and France for group surf sessions, clinics, and downwinders in windsurfing, surfing, stand-up paddling, and kiting. Hundreds of women have already participated in these events. It is always non-competitive and fun! The aim is to instill self-confidence and love for the ocean in women of all skill levels.

Founded by Tatiana Howard (www.tatianahoward) and Juliana Shelef (www.windmanas.blogspot.com), who are avid water women in surf, windsurf, kite, stand-up paddle and tow-in surfing. They have competed worldwide, but have now taken a different route in these sports to make a difference in the male dominated water sports and to help promote and show how wonderful and gratifying these sports can be for the soul.

Local Butterflies Marie and Andrea- Experienced the Butterfly Effect BRAZIL 2008
foto Erick Gonzalez...he will in Germany with the BUTTERFLIES and ANGELS! The angel photografer!!!

Marie Pruessman, Andrea Peters, and Anna Fischer were a part of the Brazil B.E. 2008 where they felt the "effect". They are windsurfers, SUPaddlers and lovers of the sea. Marie and Andrea decided to bring the Butterfly Effect to their local spot. Juliana, Tatiana, Marie and Andrea are working together to make the best effect in Germany and to promote women in water sports internationally.

Any questions or concerns contact:
Juliana Shelef or Tatiana Howard at butterflyeffectmaui@gmail.com

Energy from all over is towards to make a beautiful effect!

I, Juliana, and my husband and angel Eyal Shelef will celebrate
1 year marriage at same date of the BE GERMANY...so I am sure will be very much SPECIAL!!!!!!!!

Best regards,
Juliana and Tatiana

quinta-feira, 11 de junho de 2009

SUP wave session at Hilton Beach with my new sticker of the BUTTERFLY EFFECT

I was trying for the first time my new DAKINE PADs on my STARBOARD 9,0 SUP with my new stickers of the Butterfly Effect on the Paddle. Very cool!
The girls likes and the boys too... everybody was syaing something about it... for sure I could get most of the things...all in Hebrew....heheheh

I had a lot of fun! The best break was close to the Marine where the waves was breaking more often.

Wave day In Tel Aviv is a big happening... every surfer was on the beach enjoy the day!
the sunset and SUP SESSION...wowowowowo
I and Eyal enjoy the sunset at the MEDITERRAN SEA... just Amaising!
Happy Session, happy day!

Much ALoha

SUP and "RASSAKER" life guards tool in Israel

Hey everyone,

I had an opportunity to try the "RASSAKER" on Frishman beach and was a lot of FUN!!!

Without Fin, you don't need to turn to much...

hard to get on the wave... and if heats you, big problem...But the life guards give me all the directions
This guy make my day...

I had a lot of fun with Eyal
and them!

It is nice to see how they was using all the time before the SUP.