domingo, 29 de março de 2009

Hookipa ... 3.7 super freak... the BEST

Hey everybody
To have a super freak its amaising... to ride a sails that mean to yourself it is something that everyone should experience! MY 3 STARS, THE BUTTERFLIES, BRAZIL FLAG on the balance of YIN&YANG AND THE FLOWER the love of windsurf need to always learn something new to keep it the passion.

I am improving a lot on the wave riding... Thanks HOT SAILS! POWER of the Nature to giving me beautiful wave and also the photos(RAY MANGAN) that can remind us how fun it was that day of sailing.

So excited!!! SOON BUTTERFLY EFFET MAUI- 3rd Annual

Ida, this photo on the flyer is for you feel better...Sirra told me that you hurt your shouder! Don't be sad... happens to everyone... soon you gonna a be back in action.
It was very nice to have you last year and we wish you feel better from your shoulder and we know you gonna a be here from you heart and spirit!

SUP Starboard ...much fun with the DD

To see more photos take a look at website of RAY MANGAN on the link below:

Thanks to capture the moment!

domingo, 22 de março de 2009

SUPERMODEL boom... Amaising control at jumps!!!

I was so excited to try this model of boom that Eyal love it.

Ivana, my sister took few good waves.
Peleg was riping.

I need to adjust few times the harness lines untill I feel comfortable to bottom turn at this WINDY day...
this model I felt that asked much more fwd the harness lines....since I found the good spot... WOW... I need to get me one too...
for JUMPING....

NO WORDS... You also need to try it.
Thanks Eyal for taking the moment that I try GOITER AGAIN,,,ulilili

Thanks Kauli for the TIP of the fwd ... I get two nice ones today.

I am Excited for tomorrow!

quarta-feira, 18 de março de 2009

Kona wind at Hookipa... Congratulations to all WINDSURF KITE & SURF

Windsurf present by Kauli Seadi, the first one to get on the water(showing the way!) I and Ivana needed to register with our friend and champion!!!
and after...

Eyal the second...
He did amaising...
came back to shore at right time...very knowledgeable my love and Kevin Pritchard the last one, took many waves but at end the ocean let him just
with the boom.
Brazil was represented by Windsurf- Kauli and
Kitesurf Tiagão.... "Aí sim!!!" I am very proud of you guys.

The only surfer on this day at Lanes!

This day I finishing surfing at KBAy, my favorite spot for surfing. I am anxious the the next day of wind.

Much aloha


terça-feira, 17 de março de 2009


Present by

Girls it will be amaising...just thinking positive and this one will be wonderful!!!
Flat bread pizzas... yamiiii... Matiko shoes and much more!!!


Hot Sails welcome my love EYAL SHELEF to their team...wowoooo

Just so good to ride the same gear...more motivation... so cool!!!...

we take photos of each other and we find photos from each other at place like the famous blog maui report from Jõao Paoulo....Thanks my friend!
Eyal, Fire
Juju, DD... I love this sail!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When is freestyle... Kanaha is the best! Just had been so cold lately on Maui... long wetsuit...ops...

I think all the couples should have the same gear.... just beautiful

Aloha and much love.
Enjoy your day...

quinta-feira, 12 de março de 2009

Following Maria Souza- Juliana and Ivana are training hard and recommend to read the words of Dalai Lama

/Amaising to get better balance!!!

Ivana trying her best...

Last competition- South american competition I hurt my left shoulder... look the alignment

Now Maria Souza is helping me and Ivana to focus and get my goals in windsurfind

I had hard time than Ivana on this one...
Ju+handstand.jpg" border="0" alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5312439020475535410" />


and surfing!

how she could smile?!... I need more resistance on my legs...that's for sure!!! ops...

Relax your lower back so much!!!
Besides the good care of this beautiful family!!!
of Tia Edilza.... the sweetest ever Tia Edilza!...
making us TAPIOCA....yami
Everybody should paying attention at present and live the life at the best and health way!

segunda-feira, 2 de março de 2009

Surf... so good...K Bay...Hanamanu...friends...smiles!!!

Good waves!

Beautiful view...


my love Eyal

Relax way of surfing!!!

A lot of smiles.................heheheheh


Starboard SUP and Super Freak... wow take a look!!!

Hey everyone! I am having so much fun with the 9'0'SUP wave from Starboard.
And definitely is a success around the Island. Take a look the catalog of Starboard... just a little mistake on my name "Juliana Fariana"... but it's ok! anyway cool!

Laniapoco with my sister Ivana.

Lanai- girls wind school... so much fun!!!

And my SUPER FREAK is just amaising...always pleasure to windsurf with your own design what windsurf represent to you.

Even a down wind with Paulinho e Ivana o TRIO MARAVILHA!!!! heheheh

Aloha all