terça-feira, 27 de julho de 2010

Bat Galim-wave spot ISR at summer with Rani's Trailler..WOW

Light wind, port tack, going out with a deep beachstart with a narrow area on the shore with few rocks... Not for beginners the entrance... but the waves were very small and soft

The photos saying everything...

Family windsurfing... Yam
"matok, ramud" waiting for ABA and mamae.
Gathering with friends...

People trainning for the KING OF THE LAKE- Israel.
And I beleive that everyone want to say "TODA RABA" Tahnsk you very much to Rani's Trailler- trade wind and Hot Sails.........SABABA!!!!!!!!!!!

Girls, hope see you on the tour that rani's organizing.
We don't need to make all the moves like the young talented kids...we have our own stile...is just 5 min. heat... and everyone try the best moves to both sides.

Take care,

quarta-feira, 21 de julho de 2010

Focus surfboards show colletion ISRAEL

If you are looking for surfboards- take a look on their collection, there is many model and I am sure you will love one of them.

Tal - focus representitive organize this nice Day!

Very nice surfboards...

Eyal tried their SUP on the waves.

I and Nina, germany, enjoy the good atmonphere on the beach.