sexta-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2009


Wind everyday... Icaraizinho is a spot for slalom conpetition for a long time... I remeber my first slalom contest here in 1999...11 girls I was the cool!!! good memories from this place.

Some days stronger than others....which makes interesting... really choosing the champion....
with confidence.
At begining I hurt my shoulder and I was really afraid to push to much the I respect and still I was very happy with my results...3rd place. Thanks to Hot Sails, Dakine and Starboard.
It was amaising to run with such a good equipment... easy jibes, perfect conecition the GPS 5.5 with Isonic!!!!!!felling confortable with dakine harness!!!!!!

Congratulations to all the girls that was doing so many heats. Monica Veras, Rafaela Leal e Ivana Farias...
My lovely sister who get 2nd...making hard job for Monica that get 1st.

The future champions...Daughter's of Henrique...owner of the Clube and with passion for windsurfing