segunda-feira, 29 de setembro de 2008 keep at heart!!!

Tia Eunice querida

Tia Mazé, André e Tito...como sinto saudade de todos...tão bom estarmos juntos

Papai e Mamãe....

Melissa- one of my best friend
Walmyr- Aloha spirit al the time...thanks to everything!!! You are the best!

ägua de yamii!!!

Butterfly effect Brazil- 4th October....ulililili

Cool surprizes!!!

Prea contest- slalom- long distance and freestyle

No words...all fun

Look diz video

So good!
Cool contest!!!

With my friend and lovely sister Ivana and husband Eyal!

segunda-feira, 15 de setembro de 2008

Ceará- 2nd. Festival of Sails FLEXEIRAS

Ceará...coconets trees...sun weather... smiles all over!!!Parties... Forró...hehehehe

My first Ceará competition this year...
wasn't women division and 4 women compete at slalom sport division...
and on the beach...Girls excited for the BE Brazil Ceará!!!

very good practice! you can check a short video at Ceará Association Website and feel the condition at

This event at Flexeiras was amaising... Pimpolho win the RACE KITE...Congratulations!!!
Congratulations BIEL1, Lucas2, Janjão3!!!
Go kite girls...Good race!!!
windsurf slalom, freestyle
Congratulations freestyle Brauzinho 1, Ian2, Edvan3

Sport Slalom division ... Elizeu 1, Luis 2, Moábio 3...Congratulations!!!
, Brazilian Kitesurf Race and
Fishmen boats Race
. Take a look of the vibration on this weekend. There is a new windsurf center called Planet Windsurfing at www.

to be able to invite all the girls
for the Butterfly Effect at TV!

to be sailing with my sisters

To be with my adorable nice Janaína
my family......... the best feeling!!!

The next event will be a down-wind Preá-Jeri; slalom & frrestyle also.


quinta-feira, 11 de setembro de 2008

Brazilian wave champion- First time!...Not easy...

I had been practice a lot in Hawaii
to be able to beat my sister, Ivaninha.
She already 3x with the brazilian title.
The conditions was really hard with no wind!

I used my biggest sail 4,8 DD and 75l quatro board from Eyal...Thanks my love!
I am happy!!!

During all this time in Ibiraquera I could see again new friend made at Butterfly Effect Brasil 2007- Floripa and I hope see them again in Ceará.
I was happy to Advertise at contest- SC,

at WINDZEN-CE, specially when I saw that will be after the world tour of Kitesurfing in Cumbuco.

Take a look at this amaising womens magazine:
Let me know what do you think?!

domingo, 7 de setembro de 2008


The weather is getting better each time!...
Almost start the contest today... My 4,3 DD is ready to beautiful
but the wind direction is turning around and not get strong enough.

All the competitor are anxious for start the competition...
In mean time...
Friends love to see the HOT SAILS kids sails: the microfire and the microfreak. It was a pleasure to rig for show them!
Amaising Nature!
Ligia came from Floripa as well ready to compete... we can not do nothing besides wait for the wind blow a bit more!!!
Whales jumping!

Renato from RAIA 1 as well work with Hot Sails and Dakine!
We run on the beach...
Eyal play with my kite...
Interview with me and my sister and the subject finish at "The Butterfly Effect"

I am thinking about the Butterfly FRANCE and BRAZIL all the time! Take a look at Tati good luck in France!!!
And we close one more day with a great sunset!