domingo, 18 de março de 2012

Fun day under the house!

Stormy day, around 25knot, onshore condition... we went walking from home with our wetsuits on in the midlle of the streets of Tel Aviv.

The life guards didn't let us enter the water, the neighboors was saying we are unresponsible parents that we have a small baby and we shouldn't risk our lifes, But we didn't give up because we knew our limits and we very much respect the we just care the gear untill the next beach.

Our friend Rani, came and make a good surprize taking cool pictures of us!
Take a look!

Much Aloha

Juliana and Eyal

Storm Rider 2012!!!

This year it was the 10 annual. In the last 2 years the kite surf started to be part of the event.
Everybody waiting for the biggest Storm of the year. Usually the waiting period is the February.
Its happened on the beach of Bat Galim Haifa Israel.
This year it was the best 20 sailors of Israel and join us the French talent Jules Denel.
And the best 20 kites of Israel, in one day it was kite and wind contest.
It was huge crowd on the beach, with big sound music and commentator that report all the action from the water.
As always in the winter here in Israel the wind is port tack,
The event started with very strong wind, most of the guys was on 4.0
With good size waves, and side off wind ,during the day it was few strong rains but for short time after that it go clear and the wind turn a bit more to side and by end of the day to side on and also the waves got bigger and bigger.

In my second heat, I entered the water with fire 4.5 as I reach the waves came big rain with blasting wind. I did jibe back and fly back to the beach for switch to my 4.0 that was ready and connected to my small board, in this heat the rain was so strong that all the 4 competitors of the heat couldn’t see nothing and also the judges couldn’t see anybody and when we got back to the beach we found out that the heat got cancel. It was good decision!

In the final, 4 sailors: Jules Denel that was firing all the event, Arnon Dagan who makes all this Event happening every year, Moti Slavin very experienced wave sailor local from Bat galim that always doing good and rip the waves and me, Eyal Shelef, sponsor by Hotsails and Quatro, training for the last 2 years in Israel after spending long time in Maui and Brazil.

The final start with good jumps of Arnon and me, the waves got bigger but the wind become more on shore, and then I hard all the huge crowd screaming and I understand that Julies did something big and when I got to the beach they all said it was the meanest double Fwd that been in this beach.

In the end of the day it was
1.Jules Denel
2.Eyal Shelef
3.Arnon Dagan
4.Moti Slavin

Every body welcome for next year !!!
Thanks to Arnon Dagan for make this event as a tradition!
Thanks to all the sponsors!
And of course my beautiful family that always support me!