quarta-feira, 30 de março de 2011

Juliana new SUP starboard- 8,5 x 30- Pocket Rocket

Yesterday-29 march 2011... We went to Maty windsurf shop at Ceaserea- Israel to pick up my new SUP...

8,5 x 30 Pocket Rocket SUP Starboard carry a special color- mix between blue(Eyal's favorite color) and green(my favorite color)... my son Yam was feeling my hapiness and excitment!

Everybody in the shop was so kind!
Organize all the board for me and was excitted like me to see how beautiful came this model and I was already planing to try as soon as I can to feel the new shape!

Today I felt the shape in the water and WOW!!!... It feels so much faster in compare to my 9,0 x 30...now I feel more right to my size.

The QUADS- 4 fins
with the cuts on the tail
felt the board more sharp, moving easy, but with more stability than my other model... CONGRATULATINS to all the Starboard team that each year provide such an amaising products for us.

I love SUP for what this sport can give as a feedback for the water sport people. You able to be part of the nature sea

in their more quiet aspect, be very close to the reef without disturb the life or be cut by some shelf.

Much Aloha


quinta-feira, 24 de março de 2011

Storm Rider 2011- Israel Wave Contest- Windsurf & Kite - First Time ever!!!

closer view- show of Eyal wind & Lishai Kite

Beautiful colors on the sand and on the water!

Congratulations to all- public, atlethes, organizers and sponsors!

Challenge conditions- Crazy WInd! Strong current and cold water!

Cool day to meet friends & celebrate the party of water sports.
IEDIDI- AH AA "Ron Daddy"
Doron Hackman "Liel Daddy"- wind tow surfer radical

Boaz - "Peleg Daddy"- Kite surfer freesmiler

Special One for EYAL SHELEF-
Eyal got a beautiful ans surprized prize!
2nd place Open WIndsurf, But 1srt one from Israel!

Podium WIndsurf:

1srt Ross Willians;
2nd Eyal Shelef;
3rd Adir Zomer;
4th Arnon Dagan.

Podium kite surf- Lishai Miller- 2nd Congratulations!

We had an adventure day... The family together came to support Eyal.
Train from tel Aviv to Raifa...

Yam did fine and also could had his nap in the middle of the rush....hehehe...
And welcome Daddy Eyal after his heats

Ending Ceremony had a unique presentation of Arnon Dagan and they had a little boy as the biggest fan!

Looking fwd this event next year with a open for WOMEN as well!