segunda-feira, 14 de fevereiro de 2011


Hello Everyone

It is a pleasure to up date this event: FIRST SUP CONTEST IN ISRAEL...the land that just started this idea with the "RASSAKE"

I enjoy to ride some waveat this dya with the excitment of the competition

As well to see what people already can do on the waves with short board!
Look the burrow of Eyal Shelef
We need to say thks to our son to be patient and wait for us... and specially to give us LUCK!

The event say BYE...and we all wait for the next one...THKS TO BG TO SPONSOR THIS EVENT, CORONA and all the organizers, competidors and athletes!

Many good days for SUP in ISRAEL... I beleive that this sport will get even bigger after this competiton!
This was a weekend after the competiton... special DAY!

Bigest Newspaper in FORTALEZA-CEARA-BRAZIL ... Cool!...WIndsurf at media with action women!!!

That's a nice stimulation to keep competing in windsurfing!!!... My son enjoying the preparation of with the base, sail, harness etc.