segunda-feira, 28 de setembro de 2009

Receiving Many Entry forms!!!!!!!!!!! WOWOOW... BE Israel Sucess Already!!!

There 4 sports and 4 nationalities already confirm ...
WIndsurf- Juliana(photo Giora Koren)Brazil
Israel- Naami
Kitesurf- Israel - Hagit, Sari
SUP- Germany/ Israel /

Kayake- Israel / USA

The Israeli girl Moran who being part at Butterfly Effect in Brazil already confirm her presence!
I am very Happy!!!
Much Aloha
Juliana -

Sailing with Zomer's family and friends

Calm beautiful day at ocean! Perfect for go sailing with friends!!!

Eyal, Dani and Matan were taking out the weights around the "Bela boat".

Lelach was taking care of Itamar who wants to be with the guys everywhere on the boat.

Since out from the Marina... Eyal is lifting the Sail.

Adir was the captan getting help from you son Itamar.

When everything is done time for celebrating!!!

And I was doing the report with my camera...hehehe... like a good pregnant eating and sleeping.

Eyal took a shot from our baby... now is possible to see some belly!

Much ALoha

quinta-feira, 24 de setembro de 2009

Schedule Butterfly Effect Israel 09 and Entry Form

Schedule for the Butterfly Effect Israel- EILAT
Saturday, October 3rd 2009

P.S.: It is recommended to have your own carpool system (gear + transportation) organized for October 3rd, Saturday.

DOWNWINDER-Saturday, October 3rd 2009

9:00 AM – All participates meet at North Beach “MIFRATZ ASHEMESHE- Sun bay” for LAST sign up (even if you’re going to launch from area of Palms Beach_ open beach, more wind easier for kitesurf/windsurf_ or just being part of the SUP Clinic at South Beach still meet at “Moadon Ashai” first)

9:15 AM- Explanation rules (recommended to read before) about down winder and significance of flag system.

- Specifications from Eilat: ANY WAY EVERYONE MEETS AT 9AM at “MIFRATZ ASHEMESHE- Sun bay”!
1) KITESURFERS can not have a break, so be aware from the distance and your abilities! Launch from “MIFRATZ ASHEMESHE- Sun bay”.
2) WINDSURFERS: Wave/freestyle/Slalom gears can launch from “MIFRATZ ASHEMESHE- Sun bay” or “Palm Beach”.
3) SUP paddles SHOULD launch from area of “Palm Beach.

- Down winder general rules:
• Have your group of 5 “butterflies” of the same sport ready, signed in, and rigged with rash guards and leis(please try to make up your group with different levels, make sure you have one “butterfly” in the group who is experienced with down winders and she will be the leader);
• The group will need to stick together the entire way. It is not a competition! You should wait for the slowest group member and follow her down as one. This gathering is designed to encourage women and support one another. Remember to respect your limits and if you are tired tell to the lead of your group and make your group plan to safety. Safety includes “angels”, Jet Ski, beach or boat.
• “Butterflies Angels” will be the men who will show the way and protect us behind.
• Sequence of water sports group launching from North Beach and Palms Beach: 1st group-KITE, 2nd group-WINDSURF/ 3rd group –SUP and Paddle boards
• When all “butterflies” arrive at South Beach “Surf House spot”, we are going to make a final stretch, photo, speech and announcement about ending ceremony at “Surf House spot”/raffle at midnight.
-Significance of flag system:
• Green Flag- time to launch;
• Yellow Flag- Attention / listen;
• Blue Flag- Look at the camera :), smile!
• Pink Flag- Gathering all butterflies for group photos!!!

9:30 AM- Warm-up/ Streeching by Talia Hackam (Iyengar Yoga Practinioner)

10:00 AM- Group photo and 1st group launch from North Beach

11:30 AM- Palm Beach: photos and meet up with the 2nd group

12:00 PM – Leave Palm Beach and continue down-winder to South Beach

2:00 PM- Arrive at South Beach and wait for the ending ceremony at Surf House

3:00 PM- Paddle Board for beginners Clinic at South beach directed by Juliana Shelef

4:00 PM – Ending Ceremony with Pupus and Drinks at Surf House.

*PLEASE SEND A COMPLETE FORM BY EMAIL: Print tours and bring it with your SIGNATURE at day of event!
Entry Form

Phone number:

Name of the Sport:__________________________________________
Sport Status :
Did you have any experience with a downwinder before? Yes No

How long you practice the sport?________________________

Anything you hope to practice/ accomplish during the Coast Run? (windsurfing example:Jibes, fowards, wave riding etc.) ____________________________________________________________

Additional Information

We are planning to meet at Sun Bay at 9AM. The downwinder start will be at 10am and from there we will be riding down wind to South Beach- Surf House, STOPPING IN THE WAY AT Palms Beach area FOR 30MIN. If you can’t make it from North Beach for the start, don’t worry you can meet us at PALM BEACH down the coast and join right in! It is all about having fun and there is no contest or racing involved. The Goal is to enjoy the day safely, supporting each other and meet new friends!

P.S.: This is not an event. Its for FUN! You take your own responsibility for yourself.
Liability term
I_______________________decide to be part of “Butterfly Effect ”, gathering to promote women in water sport, and I take the risk belong to this great adventure.

Juliana- 050-5867752, or Eyal- 054- 4420471

Organized by: Juliana Shelef and Eyal Shelef.
Sponsor by: SURF HOUSE, DAKINE, Trade Winds, Focus surfboard, Quatro, Galim surf school, Naish and HotSailsMaui.

Wind is blowing in Tel AVIV and Butterflies and angels are getting ready for the Butterfly Effect.

Look how nice flyer: Katja is amaizing!!!!!!!!!! Excelent GRAFICH DESIGNER and MOTHER!!!!

Hello everyone... "BUTTERFLIES" "ANGELS"

The wind blows in Tel Aviv for the good vib in the Butterfly in Israel... whatever we don't get from people we get from MOTHER NATURE!!!

How pleasant was to feel the friendship between the

Kaykes lady!!!!!!!

and the girl are showing their excitement

practicing which made my day!
Eyal Shelef, master angel Butterfly geeting ready to follow the girls.

And his good vib gonna bring a lot of positive moments!

See you at 3rd of October!!!!!!!

This is a good vib from Israel, Shelef family and the new baby which is growinh wonderful in my belly to Baptiste... WE ALL WISH YOU THE BEST RECOVER!

terça-feira, 22 de setembro de 2009

Flowers- 100 years Tel Aviv Israel

A beautiful celebration!

It is pleasant to see the carpet of flower reminding the ceramics from the past in Israel.

In a company of Eyal
, my love and Christel "my sister" in Israel!

quarta-feira, 16 de setembro de 2009

Israel- Eilat BUTTERFLY EFFECT!!! October 3rd, 2009

The Butterfly Effect Israel celebrates the first ever water women downwinder

The Butterfly Effect aims to capture great moments and to share and inspire women to go for their dreams and live a life that gives back to communities and make the world better one smile at a time. Lastly, we hope to instill self confidence, support, and encouragement to all women associated with this event.

Israel, October 3rd, 2009

The Butterfly Effect announces its first ever all women, water sport event non-competitive in Israel this October. It will be a one-day downwinder of windsurf, kite, SUP, surf, and water sport clinics at North Beach, Eilat. A downwinder means to set out in a distance from one location down the coast to another location. Usually, it is a short mission that is challenging but safe to push the level of women in water sports. All women are welcome from any skill level. It is for free! We are encouraging women to pre- sign up at local surf shops or even better sending an email at requesting the sign up BE Israel. This event is uniquely designed to promote women in water sports.
Downwinder Details
The downwinder begins from North beach and continues to South beach _(north wind 12-20knots, hot weather, water around 24o.C), with a break at Palm Beach. North Beach is one of the hot spots of Eilat, off shore wind, flat and clear water. Turist aerea with a lot of Hotels, adventures and atractions. The wind usually blows from west direction and it is suggested to bring a sail around 5.0 to 6.0 or kite around 9m to 13m. The distance of the downwind is around 1,5 km from North Beach to Palm Beach and 3,5k m South Beach. For stand-up or paddling any size is fine. It s possible to join the group from North beach or from Palm Beach or being part on the SUP Clinic by Juliana Shelef at North Beach, Club Moadona Shait.

About The Butterfly Effect
The Butterfly Effect began in Hawaii in 2007. Since then it has flown to Brazil, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Hood River, Dominican Republic, Tahiti and France for group surf sessions, clinics, and downwinders in windsurfing, surfing, stand-up paddling, and kiting. Hundreds of women have already participated in these events. It is always non-competitive and fun! The aim is to instill self-confidence and love for the ocean in women of all skill levels.
Founded by Juliana Shelef ( and Tatiana Howard (www.tatianahoward), who are avid water women in surf, windsurf, kite, stand-up paddle and tow-in surfing. They have competed worldwide in windsurfing(PWA), but have now taken a different route in these sports to make a difference in the male dominated water sports and to help promote and show how wonderful and gratifying these sports can be for the soul.

Any questions or concerns contact:
Juliana Shelef (english) at , 050-5867752

or Eyal Shelef (hebrew) 054-4420471

quinta-feira, 10 de setembro de 2009

SUP pregnants I and extra excitment with the BUTTERFLY EFFECT!!!

Here in Israel I am studying hard to learn HEBREW and I get a good surprize! visited from my friend Christel.

We had so much fun in the morning together!

And she get a good shot from me!

Besides I heard good news about the BUTTERFLY THITI and very excitted with the organization of the BUTTERFLY ISRAEL.