segunda-feira, 17 de agosto de 2009

Microfire 0.8- Hotsails sucess at Kibutz Gimnosar

It was very much pleasant to see and feel to interested of kids and parents about the kids gear of HotSails.

Perfect for them to play in the nature!!!

Thanks IAEL for the board! And for introduce me to this beautiful people!

Now, here is Israel you can find the equipment being in touch with Rani Rouvio "TRADE WINDS ISRAEL" 054-2455116

domingo, 16 de agosto de 2009

FRIDAY- Galilea Sea Hurricane and crazy wind!!!

I had I lot of fun with Eyal and all the friend in Gino Beach at Friday.

Excited to see once in a way the sails flighing at beach...HURRICANE... such a power of the nature that inspire me and everyone else to windsurf.

We meet Ron, israeli friend from POZO- GRA CANARIA,
that now came back to leave in Israel... fun to sail together!

Eyal, my husband, is my bigest inspiration!!!

His FLAKA sequence...

look so easy for him...

The next adventure is with the kids at KIBUTZ GIMNOSAR!!!

Their are amaizing!

Much Aloha

sexta-feira, 7 de agosto de 2009

Gino at Kineret-Galilea Sea-North Israel- NOW IS THE BEST SEASON!!!

There is wind everyday!...And the wind start like milaracles around 2pm, before that is flat like a paper and sundenly you see the wind coming in between the mountains making the happines of the sailors and kiters.

So before 2pm you have a lot of time to travel around.
We decide to see the sunrise at ARBEL.

After to lay at the florest
in front of the Galilea Sea and take a nap!!!

I wish to be in the ground touch!

North of Israel is completely different. There is so much nature around. It is really special.

The friend gathering at spot called GINO.

Eyal blessing his sail at the hole Sea...

People really loved!

Here there is Rani with his fashion car: TRADE WINDS ISRAEL HOT SAILS... cool!

Rigging few sails for people can try the new 2010 products of Hot Sails Maui!

Eyal had two students this day and look this guy only 13 yeras old and very talented! On his duck jibe you can also appreciate the nature around.

Coby is always present in GINO!

I using not only Eyal's gear,but his t-shirt and his hat... He taking good care of me "Is too hot!!! Juju, you must wear "tshirt and hat!!!"
So look how funny I look!!!....hehehhheheheh

Much Aloha
Juju & Eyal

quinta-feira, 6 de agosto de 2009

Galilea Sea- Freestyle spot for WIND and KITE at North of Israel

The wind Is hot! Calm...
and nice atmosfere!

The place is hole where Jesus walk through the water! You can feel peace in the air!

It is a place that you shoud come visit ANYWAY!
There is two spot more famous for windsurf: GIno and this one I am showing on the photos...GINO is better and it will come on the next up date with the sunrise photo!

The sunsire at Arber is misterily beautiful!


Haifa- The wave spot for WINDSURF in Israel

Always you can check the condition at webcam

Spot is great...the waves in the summer are small but perfect lines!!!

I, Eyal, Rani, Doron.... had a lot of fun!!!!!!!!

Much Aloha

Surfing Competition in Hilton Beach- TOP SEA

Great Experience! Organization 100%!!! BEAUTIFULL EVENT!
Thanks to everyone that came to support me ...
Katja, Alma, Rani and my special husband Eyal!
Remind me when I start to compet in windsurfing in 1999.... A LONG TIME AGO...hehehhe

I was so anxious!!!

So many people watching...

Surprizely they interview me

And 25 girls competing.... or better sharing the GOOD WAVES of the Mediterranea Sea... Good size for Israel normal condition day!...

See you!

Windsurf in Tel Aviv

Walinkg on the streets with the gear...
Of course each one pack the gear in their on way... mine was more solid...helpining, because I am not that strong and big like Eyal.

I will recommend the girls to do it like me!.....hehehheheh...Beleive its better!
I and Eyal make it very good and passing careful through the many on the beach!!! Respecting the aerea of the life guards...her this is veru crussial!

The sailing was fun was little waves!

Getting on the Club to sail together with the other friend!

Great day!