terça-feira, 31 de agosto de 2010

Jibe Clinic 27-28 august... Great Moments!!!

It was fun weekend! Good weather, some nice wind and very motivated sailors how wanted to learn and improve their jibes.

Or, Amit,Roni and Eyal had different level and expectations which make interesting the exchanging of experience. 27 aug. 1srt day- We get to know the group. Eyal start explain the choosen techinic of JIBING (change feets first, keep sailing clew first, and since the turn is done, flip the sail); Juliana give the 3 tips that make her get the manouver: 1)Bent Knees to the center of the curve; 2)Make the turn as much as possible with the mast 90 graus; 3)Look the direction you want to go. At break time the... was enjoying to give tips to the other using the microfire 0.8- HotSails. Everybody rigged. The wind was medium-light. Juliana used DD 4.3 with 90l freestyle QUATRO Board and the men were chosing around 5,8 sail and bigger volume board. Only Or had a big gap in between the sails 5.0 or 6.5, rigged 5.0. The group had a chance to practice in the water- Eyal video while was sailing. Or had hard time with the 5.0 went to change sail, but when came back the wind was very light. After the practice the group could have a chance to see the video of the day made by Eyal. And the best listen the observations of the instructers. At 28 aug, Or had all day with 5.0 went for it with Eyal who was taking photos while sailing after he had a problem with his base, maybe in the same time I, Juliana, went in the water for look for him and couldn't find. End of the day, we talk, listen the group and the MOST IMPORTANT EVERYBODY FELT GOOD ABOUT THE JIBE CLINIC MADE BY SHELEFS.

sexta-feira, 20 de agosto de 2010

Jibe Clinic DELAY 27-28 ... Forecast reasons! Hotest day in Israel!!!

Hello Everyone,

The Forecast was indicating no wind at Galilea Sea.

1- The Hot weather make no wind in the Galilea Sea;
2- The North winds in the MEditerranea as well is not a good sign of wind.

So we delayed it for next weekend 27-28

see you there

shelef surf

domingo, 15 de agosto de 2010

Shelef Surf Activites and First Jibe Clinic

Shelefsurf desires to share with others their way of life, bringing their passion to each event design by them… from a private lesson, a day clinic to a vacation trip. The Shelef’s way of life is guided by nature…
If there is wind- WINDSURF…
If there are waves- SURF…
If there is a good weather- SUP…

Eyal and Juliana met in Maui 2003, windsurfing an international spot called Hookipa Beach. In 2008, they were sharing the same last name SHELEF. In 2010 they were blessed with a son called Yam (means sea in hebrew). This special couple manages to live in Israel, Brasil and Maui.

Eyal, Israeli, born in 18th dec. 1981, “sagitarius”, sail number ISR 43, pro windsurfer(www.eyalshelef.com), kitesurfer(instructor PKRA), free surfer (tow in, SUP), ex-pwa competitor and team rider of Quatro, Hot sails and DaKine.
Last Title: Israeli wave champion 2010.
“My passion for wind and water started at a very young age. I began sailing on a small sailboat called Optimist. Being involved in the water sport, I saw all the windsurfers in action and it inspired me to get into the sport. From the first time on a board, I felt the connection, and I knew that it would become my passion.
The biggest advantage in a professional windsurfer life style is that you get to know different cultures, to see great places and to make friends all over in the world.”

Juliana, born in 12th April 1978, “aires”, sail number BRA 124, yoga practicer since 2002 , windsurfer athlete(www.windmanas.blogspot.com), massage therapist, dentist, free surfer (tow in, SUP), founder of the Butterfly effect, ex-pwa competitor and team rider of Hot sails, DaKine and Starboard.
Last titles: 3rd South American Slalom 08, Freestyle champion Jericoacoara 08, Brazilian Wave champion 08. (2009- Juju got pregnant and was prohibition to compete, but able to do water sports until week 20 by doctor recommendation)
“Windsurf represents for me balance, liberation of adrenaline, freedom and peace of mind. It is a life time addiction! I started windsurfing at the age of 19 with the company of my sisters: Karla and Ivana. My young sister Ivana became my partner and took the windsurfing professionally. We shared the dream to be in Maui- Hookipa and to be part of the PWA. “

The activities organized by the Shelefs will be highly professional and lots of fun. They believe that each person has an individual approach of seeing and understanding things and combining their knowledge, techniques and experience will get the optimums for the participants.

Join them and you will not regret!


KING OF THE LAKE- Trade winds- Hot Sail Israel...CONGRATULATIONS!!!

The FLAGS brought the excitment to the contest and our car remind us the Canarias PWA trip with 2 SUP, 4 windsurfboards, many gear of Dakine, Starboard, Quatro and Hot Sailsspecially the youthpower gear
which was a big sucess)

The freestyle kids was practicing the moves on the o.8 microfire... FOR HOURS... THATS FREESTYLE... DON'T GIVE UP....TRY TRY and TRY


The condition was light was with a hard entrance in the water...

Excellent organization!!! Specially the Head Judge make it interesting for the public... knew everyone, the moves and history on the sports...The media was there... making a beautiful show of WINDSURFING........

Amaising level of competitors... nice to see it!!!

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL COMPETITORS..is not easy to be at a heat of 6 min and make so many great staffs!
Eyal Shelef was the oldest from the competitor... Is not because is my husband...but what a style he has.... That's why each day I am more in love!!!

That's some shoots from Bat Galim website www.batgalim.org.il


but unhapiness the ladies didn't want to compete... But they say that in Eilat, their home town they will...

Yam say bye holding the QUATRO flag of his Dad Eyal.

segunda-feira, 9 de agosto de 2010

Ceasarea- israel- freestyle day before the CONTEST

Starboard tack- Stady wind...4.3 DD with flare 60 l starboard.............. for a long time i didn't have so much fun!

Eyal like always sailing

untill sunset...

Yam loved to play over the DAKINE bag

Another family day- switting turn in the water and with our son.

much aloha

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Get to know everything about the gear that we love windsurf with!

Juju & Eyal

terça-feira, 3 de agosto de 2010

Juliana: Diary of a Water Mummy


Amy has an amaisng website !!! Recommemed to read for all the ladies, specially the ones that love windsurf... with tips and a lot of fun.

To write this article was a fun to come back to my history and I hope can help more ladies about it... Take a min and travel around the website and recommend to your friend.


But all this... that happens with me wasn't being possible if I didn't have all the support of my lovely husband EYAL.


domingo, 1 de agosto de 2010


Rani from TRADE WINDS-HOT SAILS ISRAEL bringing the freestyle tour for the national windsurfing Israeli calender- with the european standart.
5 min heat-

EVERYBODY HAVE IN MIND THAT FREESTYLE IS FOR YOUNG KINDS.... I know the exist many new moves that is much easier when you are flexible and small...but FREESTYLE is not only this new moves.

Men and women have different way to do things and to enjoy... Just looking on the photos of I, Juju, and Eyal you can see the difference, but each one have your beauty.

I love to do Freestyle, even doubt I am far to be good like the young kids, but body drag, duck jibe, vulcan, heli tack... have their beauty as well.

I Hope the contest bring the windsurfing gathering which is the most important pn the sport!

See you there!!!

Juliana Shelef at MARKER magazine- ISRAEL

I will always keeping promoting women in water sports!

Thanks OREN from Hilton Club for thinking about me!!!!

Much Aloha Juju BRA 124