quinta-feira, 6 de março de 2008

Birthday Timná and Nitzan...finishing in juice in honors for BART!!!

Birthdays of Timná and Nitzan celebrated with a good food and wonderful conversation with the adorable Ela and her expressions.

We had a lot of fun!
and Michael are amaise with their grandchild...
And not just them, beleive me..all of us... what a wonderful and swet smile she has!!!
This celebrations remind us our birthdays with Bart, Marcia, Gal, Tara and Banaia!
That's way we took the family photo in the favorite place of Bart in Israel...

This time I wrote in English in honor my friend Tatiana who wondering to understand! I send her good luck on the "Butterfly Effect" in Australia!...

BRA 124

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Anônimo disse...

See Here or Here

Tatiana Howard disse...

Yay!! i can understand!! :)