domingo, 3 de agosto de 2008

Maui Race 2008- Bikini That Works- BTW Hawaii State Contest...2nd wave and women Open- Juju...ulililili

It was a good way to finish the season for wait the next Maui Race Series.

2nd women open and 2nd at wave division...ulililili
Thanks Eyal to be on my side helping me with the gear, support and Love!

Thanks for everyone that make it happen!
The last race always is a big celebration!!!...

Specially thanks for Harry that register the magic moment during the races and the special days in Hookipa! like this photo with the rainbowl, day before of the race, getting the bless of the nature which gave me light wind!

It was a amaising practice!

Thanks Judges!
Thanks Greg for the board!
who make his dream at PWA World Tour this year!
Thanks to all the girls!...It was really high mistake you miss the position!

MAUI RACE is a nice gathering for the sailors....
everyone have fun...nice to see all the excitment of the kids that we know will be the future at sport!
Besides all this has the raffles for the good cause organize by Neil Pryde!
Arts was on the raffles

Cool present for the girls....hehhehehe

J. Buzianis get present to Junko who also gave her Tee from POZO to him...Isn't cool!
Eyal got present for me!...ulilili
I am happy with my improvement and confidence at the MAUI RACE 2008, each time better jibes, better starts and the most important I got to know my limits on the windsurf gear and the range of sails that the board can support!

Juliana Shelef

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