sexta-feira, 5 de setembro de 2008

After 9 months...FINALLY, friends, great contests!!!

Long Trip from Maui... with few stops
Dallas- 12 horas...luck Eyal found a cool bed!

Miami- airport from the main land that we listen more spanish and great arts

besides a lots of carrying gears...

untill arrive at Ibiraquera Paradise! Meet my lovely Sister Ivana...

For the IWC-Ibiraquera Wave Contest!

Well organize by Ivan Floater and sponsor by Mormaii

First day of the competition we start with no wind BUT...
- Kitesurfers and windsurfers girls ready to compete at this beautiful ocean and great waves!

- Entry forms and see the friends;

- Show of whales;

- Tomásia, mom's of TARTARUGA Restaurant!

I love being in Brazil, specially at this magic place called IBIRAQUERA

Thanks Ivan to organize this IWC and also thanks MORMAII and everyone that maked happen!

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Tatiana Howard disse...

i miss Brasil!!!! AWW! Looks so fun and nice!!