quinta-feira, 30 de abril de 2009

Hot Sails meeting...great experience... new friends and "future butterflies!!!"

I had so much fun! From the beginning to the end...4 intense dyas!!!
Sunday at Super Freak Meeting!... Sun and beatiful water and people!!!

New frienship...

New experience with Kristina on the STARBOARD

I get to try the new creation of HOTSAILSMMAUI - BOLT sails has a special power meeting!!!

New surprize... two photos on the catalog of 2010 with the newst Israeli Importers

Future "Butterflies" Kristina and Hilde get to share with Juliana and Naomi the Butterfly Effect Maui

I and Eyal are glad that HOT SAILS start to make SURF BOARDS!!!!!!!!!!

Great video session shown by Jeff "The HOT master"

and Dione Guadadino..." venezuelano...amigo das antigas"

much Aloha

Willing for next time see here Vinicius "The Brazilian Importer", whatch the video of JANJAO and have also the presence of HENRIQUE SALES...next Hot Sails Club in Brasil!!!!!!!!!!


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