quinta-feira, 11 de junho de 2009

SUP wave session at Hilton Beach with my new sticker of the BUTTERFLY EFFECT

I was trying for the first time my new DAKINE PADs on my STARBOARD 9,0 SUP with my new stickers of the Butterfly Effect on the Paddle. Very cool!
The girls likes and the boys too... everybody was syaing something about it... for sure I could get most of the things...all in Hebrew....heheheh

I had a lot of fun! The best break was close to the Marine where the waves was breaking more often.

Wave day In Tel Aviv is a big happening... every surfer was on the beach enjoy the day!
the sunset and SUP SESSION...wowowowowo
I and Eyal enjoy the sunset at the MEDITERRAN SEA... just Amaising!
Happy Session, happy day!

Much ALoha

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