quarta-feira, 15 de setembro de 2010

Jewish holiday-rosh ashana & Red bull sport free day

Red Bull was giving energy drink for everyone and imagine who was crying to get one.... YAM!
Kids show their hapiness and they will be the future on the sport!...Can wait to make them the CAMP KIDS!!
Juliana & Yam were looking the windsurfing lesson of Arnon Dagan who was very dedicate with each student!
Eyal practing his 360 with SUP...
Juliana getting to know the new wave spot!And after the session...enjoy the beach with her son Yam.

WOOD SUP custom made for "OR" by his Dady
Leshai "Naish" contribute well on this day!
"Bg surfing" is company of a Israeli guy that star in Autralia also make a beautiful work in every oportunity in Israel.

Nothing better than start the new year with family Eyal & Yam having a great time at sunset.and friends, specially with a surprise good vibration of a FREE DAY of SUP, WINDSURF and KITESURF. Congratulation for the organizers and sponsors!

What a amaising SUNSET at MEDITERRANE SEA...

"Rosh Ashana" is a new year on the Jewish Calender. The family & friends gathering for a special meal where the food have meaning like:
-Apple and honey- for a sweet year;
-Head of the Fish- for symbolize to be a HEAD and not a TAIL;
- meanly the rest of the food is to keep the enemy away!

The most important is to have more time free with the family!...

We went to the park "AIARKON" to enjoy with the kids!

Ela was guarding the sleep of Yam

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