quinta-feira, 6 de janeiro de 2011

2011 start with WIndsurf action Result- 3rd slalom IFCA windbrasil

My article is up on my Diary at website there iput my true feelings about to be competing is a mom:

For Ladies Of Windsurfing

I was so busy emotionally in November and December with my family and 1srt trip with Yam alone and after adapting that I couldn't update anything...that's why just now is coming up!
take a look also at this beautiful event at

click on
Flexeiras Slalom
I stayed with my son Yam until the moment to enter in the water and he was with the care o grandmother TIETA... Thks MOM!!! Without you not possible

Be with friends that support you and beleive on you make you win any chalenge!
Also been in a place that you fell full confortable...like your home... MAKE ALL THE DIFERENCE... HOT WATER & BLUE SKY... CEARA FORTALEZA-BRAZIL... WOWWWW

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