domingo, 20 de julho de 2008

Maui Fin Co. - Maui Race 2008... light wind day!

A challenge for all the sailor...some gave up at middle of the contest.
At wave disivion...I got 2nd..... ulililili... and I win Eyal, I got 1st. place in one of the races.

At open womens, I used a 6.6 Speed Demo... I was proud of me to be able to handle it at jibes...
I tried my best. But I learn that it is important as well to work with the sail all the time, specially in light days...and I got exausted with the end bad choice, but amaising experience to know more about my resistence during all the races...start with 4th, after 5th..and at end finish with 6th...ops... Belongs to contest. Next time I hope to do better!

Tatiana did very good on the race with my 5.5 Speed Demo...Good job! 4th...

Maui Fin Co. took good care of us,the sailors.

Juan from Kanaha Kai was making
tastes hot dog and


Maui Fin choose cool presents and

and more...

All the crew was exciting!!!

At end, Dione Guadanino came with his funny!!!

One more race is done and the best is get all the group of the sailors in prol the windsurf!

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