terça-feira, 1 de julho de 2008

MAUI RACE 2008 - DAKINE CLASSIC!!!...and after a good freestyle day for relax from the tension of competition...hehehe

Hey everyone!!! One more contest...

Each event the Maui Race get more competidors which is amaising...everybody with high level which make more intersting.

A lot of excitment at beginging
... skippers meeting

I and Taty getting the support of Eike from Kanahakai
...hoping making the right decidion about sizes to compete!

This time I get more organize: I didn't run any race wrong, I had a racing watch and also more challenge:
- STRONG WIND...with my light weight- 48kg ~109Pounds... the big girls make a hard life for me!... This time I learn that I cannot manage a big wave board...75l is alread to big for my body type.

Womens Race...unhappiness I broke the boom...
I push too much from the gear using a "kids" boom... just know I realize that even i am light rider... I am not a kid.

What I love in competition is that everytime I learn more about myself... It is a good thing to push your limits and try your best, because everyone trying hard the same way, which makes the game really cool!!!

I don't know about my results, because they just publish untill 3rd. place...but I had a great fun!!!

Eyal won the first place again...like this our home can have all collection of trofes from the MAUI RACE
and I am like a kid...loved the DAKINE trofe....so beautiful!
My friends came watch...the sweet Banaia always was running to me making my heart full of love even without the result that I wish.

Gathering with friends, food...DAKINE took care good of us!!!!

Good atmosphere... with Heidi, Tati's Mom... she is the best!!!

Soon is the next one... I curious about my performance and what king of coditions and circuit will be next time!

Thanks for of my sponsors: Hot Sails, Dakine, Bolsa atleta(BRASIL), KanahaKai and Upcountry gym(Izaak Tyrrell).

I had a good frrestyle session...so relax... "for me the bumerange is the Brian Talma move... It is so cool to ride with HOT SAIL...cool energy!"
I love freestyle...I wish we had a contest here on Maui...It is so much freedom, imagiation ...just fell the energy through the photos by Eyal Shelef

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