quinta-feira, 6 de agosto de 2009

Trip Germany besides the Butterfly Effect!!!

It was very special for me and Eyal bcause we was celebrating one year of our wedding!
We work hard to be together on this day...thanks God all works good and we could travel together...It was a long, but easy way!
We went by train with my sail Hot DD 4,8.

Arrive in Germany, Eyal found this on the store remind him the good days at kid time!

Once in Hamburg, we was very much welcome with Marie, Alex and Erick...

Thanks all of you!!! It was a great time and company!
Marie, Alex, Carol and Erick suprise us at the other day with the tour with the Stand Up getting to know the city in the best way.
The best part for me was when we get wet singing OVER THE RAINBOW!

Once in Kiel,first we got the car with all the STARBOARDS SUP.... it was funny organizing them, but good we have angels with us!Thanks Carol for driving the car!!!
AFter That, we all went for a beach party and finish in a taste PIZZA!

So I knew that the event will be so bless that I get to relax!

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