sexta-feira, 7 de agosto de 2009

Gino at Kineret-Galilea Sea-North Israel- NOW IS THE BEST SEASON!!!

There is wind everyday!...And the wind start like milaracles around 2pm, before that is flat like a paper and sundenly you see the wind coming in between the mountains making the happines of the sailors and kiters.

So before 2pm you have a lot of time to travel around.
We decide to see the sunrise at ARBEL.

After to lay at the florest
in front of the Galilea Sea and take a nap!!!

I wish to be in the ground touch!

North of Israel is completely different. There is so much nature around. It is really special.

The friend gathering at spot called GINO.

Eyal blessing his sail at the hole Sea...

People really loved!

Here there is Rani with his fashion car: TRADE WINDS ISRAEL HOT SAILS... cool!

Rigging few sails for people can try the new 2010 products of Hot Sails Maui!

Eyal had two students this day and look this guy only 13 yeras old and very talented! On his duck jibe you can also appreciate the nature around.

Coby is always present in GINO!

I using not only Eyal's gear,but his t-shirt and his hat... He taking good care of me "Is too hot!!! Juju, you must wear "tshirt and hat!!!"
So look how funny I look!!!....hehehhheheheh

Much Aloha
Juju & Eyal

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