quinta-feira, 24 de setembro de 2009

Wind is blowing in Tel AVIV and Butterflies and angels are getting ready for the Butterfly Effect.

Look how nice flyer: Katja is amaizing!!!!!!!!!! Excelent GRAFICH DESIGNER and MOTHER!!!!

Hello everyone... "BUTTERFLIES" "ANGELS"

The wind blows in Tel Aviv for the good vib in the Butterfly in Israel... whatever we don't get from people we get from MOTHER NATURE!!!

How pleasant was to feel the friendship between the

Kaykes lady!!!!!!!

and the girl are showing their excitement

practicing which made my day!
Eyal Shelef, master angel Butterfly geeting ready to follow the girls.

And his good vib gonna bring a lot of positive moments!

See you at 3rd of October!!!!!!!

This is a good vib from Israel, Shelef family and the new baby which is growinh wonderful in my belly to Baptiste... WE ALL WISH YOU THE BEST RECOVER!

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