segunda-feira, 2 de março de 2009

Starboard SUP and Super Freak... wow take a look!!!

Hey everyone! I am having so much fun with the 9'0'SUP wave from Starboard.
And definitely is a success around the Island. Take a look the catalog of Starboard... just a little mistake on my name "Juliana Fariana"... but it's ok! anyway cool!

Laniapoco with my sister Ivana.

Lanai- girls wind school... so much fun!!!

And my SUPER FREAK is just amaising...always pleasure to windsurf with your own design what windsurf represent to you.

Even a down wind with Paulinho e Ivana o TRIO MARAVILHA!!!! heheheh

Aloha all


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Julio disse...

Laniapoco... priceless pic, regarding the board of course