quarta-feira, 18 de março de 2009

Kona wind at Hookipa... Congratulations to all WINDSURF KITE & SURF

Windsurf present by Kauli Seadi, the first one to get on the water(showing the way!) I and Ivana needed to register with our friend and champion!!!
and after...

Eyal the second...
He did amaising...
came back to shore at right time...very knowledgeable my love and Kevin Pritchard the last one, took many waves but at end the ocean let him just
with the boom.
Brazil was represented by Windsurf- Kauli and
Kitesurf Tiagão.... "Aí sim!!!" I am very proud of you guys.

The only surfer on this day at Lanes!

This day I finishing surfing at KBAy, my favorite spot for surfing. I am anxious the the next day of wind.

Much aloha


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