sexta-feira, 2 de outubro de 2009

31 pre sign up- Israel making history at Butterfly Effect

Sucess at pre-sign up in Israel
31 butterflies- 4 sports: 7SUP/1kayake/10wind/12kite
4 nationalities: Germany, Brazil, Russian, Israelis from al over the country.

Promess a smothy gathering from the 31 "butterflies" who PRE SIGN UP just 7 never experience downwind before, but different level in each ADONAI!!!" And special Yoga with Sari Lahav- 1 year kitesurfing.

In between the Israelis presence of the kiter Hagit, the windsurfer Hadar, cousin of the Champion Sharra who with only 3 years of sport- this young and sweet girl is practicing hard moves in windsurfing-FOward LOOPING!
Time on the sport:
SUP- newer sport from 1 day experience for 5 years(Germany Nina Schaetzler+ Israelis)
WInd- 2months- 12 years(Brazil- Juliana Shelef + Israelis)
kite- 11 months- 10 years(Russian- Anna Podrez + Israelis)
Kayake- 1 year - This special Butterfly. Mirian Berkovit, came from will have her love, Yoav as an angel; because she have a sore muscle on her left arm.


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