terça-feira, 6 de outubro de 2009

3rd Oct- Full moon bring 40 butterflies for the BE Israel!!!

Great event!!! Sucess at 1srt BE Israel!!!!!!!40 butterflies ready for the adventure!!!!!!! 3rd oct. Full Moon!

protected by 10 sweet angels who help us from the land and water, besides also keeping this day in our memories with amazing photos from Guy Ogen(up date at facebook- Surf House) and wonderful video at YOU TUBE from Doron- Eilat-today : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9KJmko2ICEU
We have the words of Good Luck from Yoda Morady
which make us feel very special
"TODA RABA for all of you!"
19 kiters follow the way as a birds completely free with non-stop!
14 windsurfers stick together getting good hidration with the care of Yaniv, boat rescue, and wait in front of the Palms beach for the Sup girls.
The SUP girls had a smaller group with 6 butterflies, and full care from the boat which allow they change on the way for don't get tired. Really fun staff with the experience angel Eyal Shelef!
The Kayaker butterfly Mirian rides in front of the South beach and also feel part of the group! Her personal angel, husband Yoav, bring her the Kayake.

So beautiful to have time to see the view around: one side Jordan and the other side Israel. It is very special to ride at Red Sea-Eilat!
40 Butterflies girls;
Lizi Vardi, Juliana Shelef, Iren Dahan, Shir Orian, Zohar Marnin, Argaman Bell, Eilat Hacham, Sari Lahav, Moran Meghnagi, Hagit, Anna Podrez, Orit Bar, Jimor, Noam Feinberg, Hadar Ziton, Timna Dagan, Leele, Adi Cohen, Sinai, Yafit Kadosh, Eti Zarka, Shir Alfassi, Tsil Alfassi, Bar Asaraf, Ofer Cohen, Shir Avni, Ella, Hadar, Gal Cohen, Zemira Shelef, Lee Dombrausky, Nina Schaetzle, Mirian Berkovit, Arian Lurie, Keren Urosa, Shshos Theyra, Iris Bachar, Ofra Avni, Orly Morais, Bellitos.

The wind was great! Specially at begining and end get lighter and the word of the day was PATIENT...
We complete the mission safe! Thanks to the angels... each one so ready to help us!

10 Angels:
Amit Markman, Tibi Dor (wind),
Eyal Shelef, Omri Shapira, Yoav (SUP)
Yaniv Meir (Boat Rescue)
Guy Ogen (Photografer and also boat rescue... super man!!!)
Doron (Videografer from Eilat-today)
Yaniv Biton(Land- Surf house- Naish)
Rani Rouvio(Land- Tradewinds Hotsails Israel)
Yoda Morady(Land- safety)

Special Thanks to all the sponsors: Surf House/Naish, Trade Winds/ Hot Sails Israel, Dakine, Quatro, Galim Surf School.

Thanks Club Hotel for the wines and pupus!!!

YOU TUBE: Butterfly Effect Israel 2009 video with an cool article!!!- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9KJmko2ICEU
Thank Doron from Eilat-today for this wonderful memory!
contact video: editor@eilat-today.com

Thank Guy Ogen for the Great Photos - You can check in facebook inviting to be friend of SURF HOUSE!
contact photos: guy.ogen@gmail.com

WELCOME TO THE NEXT EFFECT: BRAZIL 2010- 9 JAN. JERICOACOARA... from the ocean to the river!!!

Juliana Shelef

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