quinta-feira, 1 de outubro de 2009

Pre sign up in Eilat at SURF HOUSE-Naish

I meet so many sweet girls!!!

Even BANANA they bring me to make my wish from the morning.
I am so happy each moment with the feedback of the girls and the interested angels!!!

I try my best to talk in hebrew for explain the Entry form.

NOW available at SURF HOUSE... everyone there are so nice people that you must go there to have a nice time!!! ++++ vibration.

They are taking care of me like they new me before, specially after I show them the "baby belly!"

I miss Tati... she will love to be here and feel the excitment of the girls and how helpful are the angels!... AT other hand I am happy for her that she is back home a bit for her own recharge and already thinking about the next event: Butterfly Effect BRAZIL 2010.

The celebraties of the beach is the kiter Leele... she is one of the first kiter at the city!!!

Thanks you all and don't forget to bring your yoga mat at 3rd OCT for our Yoga time with Sari Lahav.

Specially for my master angel Eyal Shelef who is amaizing and making me more happy than ever with his efford.

Much Aloha
Juliana :)

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