domingo, 15 de agosto de 2010

KING OF THE LAKE- Trade winds- Hot Sail Israel...CONGRATULATIONS!!!

The FLAGS brought the excitment to the contest and our car remind us the Canarias PWA trip with 2 SUP, 4 windsurfboards, many gear of Dakine, Starboard, Quatro and Hot Sailsspecially the youthpower gear
which was a big sucess)

The freestyle kids was practicing the moves on the o.8 microfire... FOR HOURS... THATS FREESTYLE... DON'T GIVE UP....TRY TRY and TRY


The condition was light was with a hard entrance in the water...

Excellent organization!!! Specially the Head Judge make it interesting for the public... knew everyone, the moves and history on the sports...The media was there... making a beautiful show of WINDSURFING........

Amaising level of competitors... nice to see it!!!

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL not easy to be at a heat of 6 min and make so many great staffs!
Eyal Shelef was the oldest from the competitor... Is not because is my husband...but what a style he has.... That's why each day I am more in love!!!

That's some shoots from Bat Galim website


but unhapiness the ladies didn't want to compete... But they say that in Eilat, their home town they will...

Yam say bye holding the QUATRO flag of his Dad Eyal.

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