domingo, 1 de agosto de 2010


Rani from TRADE WINDS-HOT SAILS ISRAEL bringing the freestyle tour for the national windsurfing Israeli calender- with the european standart.
5 min heat-

EVERYBODY HAVE IN MIND THAT FREESTYLE IS FOR YOUNG KINDS.... I know the exist many new moves that is much easier when you are flexible and small...but FREESTYLE is not only this new moves.

Men and women have different way to do things and to enjoy... Just looking on the photos of I, Juju, and Eyal you can see the difference, but each one have your beauty.

I love to do Freestyle, even doubt I am far to be good like the young kids, but body drag, duck jibe, vulcan, heli tack... have their beauty as well.

I Hope the contest bring the windsurfing gathering which is the most important pn the sport!

See you there!!!