terça-feira, 31 de agosto de 2010

Jibe Clinic 27-28 august... Great Moments!!!

It was fun weekend! Good weather, some nice wind and very motivated sailors how wanted to learn and improve their jibes.

Or, Amit,Roni and Eyal had different level and expectations which make interesting the exchanging of experience. 27 aug. 1srt day- We get to know the group. Eyal start explain the choosen techinic of JIBING (change feets first, keep sailing clew first, and since the turn is done, flip the sail); Juliana give the 3 tips that make her get the manouver: 1)Bent Knees to the center of the curve; 2)Make the turn as much as possible with the mast 90 graus; 3)Look the direction you want to go. At break time the... was enjoying to give tips to the other using the microfire 0.8- HotSails. Everybody rigged. The wind was medium-light. Juliana used DD 4.3 with 90l freestyle QUATRO Board and the men were chosing around 5,8 sail and bigger volume board. Only Or had a big gap in between the sails 5.0 or 6.5, rigged 5.0. The group had a chance to practice in the water- Eyal video while was sailing. Or had hard time with the 5.0 went to change sail, but when came back the wind was very light. After the practice the group could have a chance to see the video of the day made by Eyal. And the best listen the observations of the instructers. At 28 aug, Or had all day with 5.0 went for it with Eyal who was taking photos while sailing after he had a problem with his base, maybe in the same time I, Juliana, went in the water for look for him and couldn't find. End of the day, we talk, listen the group and the MOST IMPORTANT EVERYBODY FELT GOOD ABOUT THE JIBE CLINIC MADE BY SHELEFS.

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