sábado, 30 de maio de 2009

All day on the Beach: SUP, Sailing boat and windsurfing...

SUP session early morming
I, Eyal and Zee .
It was very special to be feeling the both side of Israel
jewish "Tel Aviv" more develop-big buildings
arabic "Yafo" keeping more the nature.

We find a good spot with small waves for SUP....so FUN!

Besides to be able to feel the sport from the beginning bring Zemira, Eyal's mom with us was amaising... all her hard work to STAND UP!

See the moment that she relax...
posing for the poto:
Juju time...ops!
There is a dangerous spot between the rocks if the boat don't see at night can break the boats, but we had a local giude EYAL SHELEF.

Eyal fing his friend from the kaiaque

Sundendly the wind start to pick it up and ADIR ZOMER call us for a SAILING bOAT session.
BUt we almost didn't make it there because was so many people on the beach that our bike had hard time...heheheh... but was fun to see the dance I remember my freind Tati who loves to dance!
Adir, Ilar and Itamar are a beautiful family.
Adir took us out from the Marina...like a experience captian!
I babysitter Itamar with pleasure!
Eyal took turns with Adir on the boat.

When we get on the open ocean gust what I see: Somebody windsurf with TENNIS SHOE!...hehehe
It was my first time as a "pilot" as you can see on the photo my confidence...heheheh... both hands, concentrade, looking fwd like a good girls.
Be able to jump on the open ocean and feel the speed the sailing boat...wowoooo....no words!
Since we finish, we went by bike to the windsurfing club at Hilton beach and I windsurf at end
and see the friends.
Kike, Karen and the small Daniel. "The family that always make the club cool and nice!"
Katja, Shlomi and ALma "The galimsurf family!"
If I had more energy I even could Kite!

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