segunda-feira, 4 de maio de 2009

Last sweel for us to do TOWN IN... so much fun with all the friends!

Like always at THE TOWNING DAYS... wake up really early
to take the most glass part of the day! When we get to the "Arbor"
, already Amyr & Peleg in the water. The Butterfly angels Nitsan, Gal Cohen & Juan was already on the preparation on the beach. So will be fun day with all the FRIENDS...wowowowowow
Nitsan, last day on "his jet"...
What a kiss?!!!
he is going to sell it to invest on his SURF/SUP Paddle board business.
Juan is running...
no time even for the photo!!!...hehehehe
Galalaxia is making his day...
he is to town in surfing...and is express on the photo and the gift of the nature...SUN SHINE on him!
The argentinian crew came after us with Shy and Giorra. Just missing FRANSCISCO who was goind to Hookipa for a radical session...such a good surfer, this guy!!!

Nano "future dad" who is lighting of hapiness!

We wait for each other and went as a group.

I remember all the time my lovely sister Ivana... her first time and in the water was just I, Ivana and Eyal... Thanks Eyal for the calm and patient with me...It was other amaising moment with you!...LOVE YOU
Ivana video...
so peaceful and we finish the relaxation of other no wind day at Twin falls
to have a nature massage! A L O H A
Jujú BRA 124

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