terça-feira, 26 de maio de 2009

Israel lifestyle...

I remember my mom TIETA all the time... she will love to come visit Israel specially now on the flowers season"SPRING"!!!

Morning sessions with Zemira Shelef at the beach

Exercise and Swimming.

Meet with the couple: Miriam and Yoav... so cool to see them!

The surf spot "Galim" from Shilom and Katja...if you come to Israel you need to come visit them!

Barsilai!!! always smiling!!!

MIGRASH- It means construction...one of the reasons we are here... all the time I remember my Dad Luiz Carlos, civil enginer, and my sister Ivana, architecture.

Build the wall? Not Build? So many decision...At least the ladies getting flowers from Michael@The famous Petitim@....hehehhe

Timn'a Dagan, Eyal's sister and her lovely kids: Elah & Or

Kids session on the beach are amaising...
all the time remember my nice JANA'INA!!! She will make so many friend!
I bet AVISHAG will be her best friends...they have similar personality!!! LOVE THE OCEAN!!!

So good to see the Friends!

Dorron, Talia & the small Liel


Eyal's work at MARBSAR - It means Laudromat!

BIKE to go everywhere all the time!!!

No complains... even without understand everything is going on, because of the language I am having a lot of FUN!

Juj'u and Eyal

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