sexta-feira, 29 de maio de 2009

Surf session...only girls!... Butterfly Effect Israel PROMISE!!!

Hey everyone,

It was very funny when I receive a call from Shlomi and Katja to give them a hand with Eyal to give them a hand with the surf lesson.And he said; "Bring your Butterfly Effect cards!!!"

Shlomi start the surf lesson with many cool explanations.

Amaising surprize... a group of girls organize by their Yoga teacher.

In the water we had a lot of fun sharing experience in how to enjoy the wave untill the end.
Women giving tips to women. Trying hard and getting theirs goals!

and the result: BIG SMILE which say everything!

They look on the Butterfly Effect Photos and I told them that will happen one in Israel probably in the Red Sea, Eilat.

By coincidence, the husband of one of the ladies had been part of the same way we are thinking to make for peace and she still had the lycra and share with me that on that time Israel and Jordan wasn't in peace yet.

Shlomi and Katja are the owners of the surf galim school. They are making the BEST surf school in Israel with the BEST instructors!!!Take a look their website:

Very excitting!!!

much Aloha

Juliana and Eyal Shelef

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Juliana, great pictures!